Facio’s parent publishes Annual Report 2018

Leiden, the Netherlands - April 8, 2019

Facio Therapies announced today that its parent company, FSHD Unlimited, published its Annual Report for the year 2018. Facio is the only privately held company in the FSHD space to publish full annual reports, including audited annual accounts. Facio’s Annual Report 2018 consists of a Board Report, the audited accounts, and an auditor’s report. The… read more

Facio expands portfolio with 100+ novel, chemically diverse DUX4 repressors

Leiden, the Netherlands - March 21, 2019

Facio Therapies announced today that it has significantly expanded its portfolio of DUX4 repressors. After rigorous selection, Facio identified over 100 novel, chemically diverse small molecules that repress production of the human DUX4 protein in cultured FSHD-affected muscle cells. Facio is the only company known to have a pipeline of proprietary, chemically diverse small molecules… read more

Facio to discover FSHD clinical outcome measures based on real-world data

Leiden, the Netherlands - March 18, 2019

Facio Therapies announced today that it entered an agreement with the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR; Leiden, the Netherlands) on a study aimed at discovering FSHD clinical outcome measures based on real-world patient data obtained with the use of digital technologies. This exploratory study, which is co-financed by Facio and CHDR and will be… read more

Facio appoints Otto Postma Managing Director

Leiden, the Netherlands - February 28, 2019

Facio Therapies announced today that its Board appointed Otto Postma Managing Director of Facio Therapies B.V. and of its sister company, Facio Intellectual Property B.V. In these capacities, Otto succeeds David Dasberg, who passed away suddenly on  January 16, 2019. Otto Postma has been involved in Facio from the very beginning. While still working at… read more

Facio expands Scientific Advisory Board

Leiden, the Netherlands - February 11, 2019

Facio announced today that Prof. Dr. Gerd Schnorrenberg has agreed to join Facio’s Scientific Advisory Board. His strong drug discovery and development expertise will support Facio in its ongoing efforts to generate, select and optimize drug development candidates for specific use in treating FSHD. Gerd Schnorrenberg has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and development in… read more

Facio’s Managing Director, David Dasberg, passes away suddenly

Leiden, the Netherlands - January 17, 2019

Facio Therapies announced today that David Dasberg, its Managing Director, passed away unexpectedly on January 16. David suffered a fatal heart attack during a walk in the Dolomite mountains in Northern Italy, where he was vacationing with friends. David had served as Managing Director since Facio’s inception in September 2014. He was 52 years old…. read more