Facio presents at AMIS FSH patient meeting

May 5, 2017

Facio Therapies is invited to present at the AMIS FSH patient meeting in Paris, France on May 13th, 2017.

AMIS FSH is the French FSHD patient organization and also a member of the European consortium FSHD Europe. The AMIS FSH spring meeting discusses worldwide FSHD research and the opportunity it provides for potential treatments. Facio’s Managing Director, David Dasberg, will present Facio’s small molecule approach and socio-economic mission to overcome FSHD. The AMIS FSH meeting is held at the Résidence Internationale de Paris, Paris, on May 13th 2017.

About Facio Therapies

Arising from the FSHD community, Facio aims to translate breakthrough results of 25 years of basic research into a therapy that stops the progressive muscle wasting caused by FSHD. That is Facio’s product mission. Facio also aims to make its therapy widely available by using a transparent model for fair and reimbursable pricing. That way, Facio aims to generate sustainable profits to fund additional quality-of-life projects for people with FSHD and to provide liquidity to its shareholders. That is Facio’s socio-economic mission.