Overcoming FSHD together

Two ambitions

At Facio Therapies, our main drive is to overcome FSHD by developing a therapy that stops the progression of the disease. But that is not where our ambition stops. We are also committed to a socially responsible business model based on principles enshrined in our articles of association.

Business principles

For and by people with FSHD

Our business approach is different because Facio Therapies is for and by people with FSHD. Everything we do is focused on stopping the progression of FSHD. Our founders – Kees van der Graaf (Netherlands), Bill Moss (Australia) and Neil Camarta (Canada) – are business leaders from the FSHD community. We are funded by FSHD-affected families and friends from Australia, Europe, and North America; the FSHD Global Research Foundation (Australia), the (Dutch) FSHD Stichting, the FSHD Canada Foundation, Amis FSH (France); and our drug discovery partner, Evotec (Germany). Combining our brainy passion with the support of people with FSHD, their families and their friends, we believe we can break through to an FSHD therapy.

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Overcoming FSHD

Overcoming FSHD together